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The brand new album titled, "The Horseshoe" is now available on streaming music internet places everywhere. Here's the short of the story behind the album. Cam and a few of the boys cut 12 songs, live in a cathedral like log cabin up on a hill in Leiper's Fork, TN. The location is owned by a friend and craftsman who builds "Leiper's Fork Custom Guitars" which Cam plays on all his recordings and most live appearances.


The album is void of fancy production and technological "magic" thanks to audio engineer Matt Pitman's love of 40's, 50's and 60's recording gear, together with his keen sense for preserving the very moment of a song, not just the noise of it. Live tracked and uncut, trimmed or smooshed, "The Horseshoe" is an honest to goodness OLD country record, not forced "retro" hoopla. From start to finish it's like stumbling upon some forgotten recordings from the bygone era of grit and individuality that once permeated the vast landscape of "Country Music".   


"We recorded an old school record the old school way, simple. Just some good ole boys playing country music."  


A writer first and foremost, with a spontaneous approach to songwriting, Cam's stories reach out and activate the imagination. Transporting the listener to another time, place and frame of mind. Drawing deeply from his time spent in the mountains and forests of the West (where he was born and bred), his is a unique take on the Country, Western, Folk and Americana styles of music.

"I'm always the guy standing around the fire, if there is one. That's where songs come from. They come from a fire, wind humming through tall pines, watching the hawk catch it's dinner. I'm not big on conference rooms."



Based in Nashville, Tenn.

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