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A writer first and foremost, with a purely genuine and spontaneous approach to songwriting, his stories reach out and activate the imagination, transporting the listener to another place, time and frame of mind. These are true songs for lovers of music. Drawing deeply from his time spent in the hills and forests of the West, his is a unique take on the Folk, Country and Western styles of music. A little different, but from the same.


After a four year lapse in releasing music, this year is the year. 03.03.2023 is the official release date for the debut full length album titled, "The Horseshoe". Cam and a few of the boys cut the 12 song ride live in a cathedral log cabin, high up on a hill in Leiper's Fork, TN. The location is owned by a friend and craftsman who builds "Leiper's Fork Custom Guitars" which are used on the recording. "We recorded an old school record the old school way, simple."  And they cannot wait for you to listen.

Keep an eye out and happy trails!


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