Cam Pierce has been hard at work building a genuine following and playing an active role in the folk/country scene in Nashville, TN after relocating to the area three and a half years ago from his home in the mountains of Oregon. He has gratefully found a home among an audience who are hungry for original visionary songwriting. His songs draw deeply from his time spent in the forests of the Northwest of America. A writer first, the story sets the stage, supported by deep melodies inspired by various forms of American Roots Music.

It's with great excitement and a deep gratefulness that Cam, along with various musicians will be making the pilgrimage to the iconic FAME Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL to cut a long awaited Studio record very soon. With bass guitar legend Jimbo Hart at the helms as engineer and a room steeped in the history and mojo of countless musicians and recording artist before him (Aretha Franklin, Geaorge Jones, Waylon Jennings, Duane Allman, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Alicia Keys, etc.) the sights are high for this album. All Mr. Pierce can think to say is how grateful he is for this opportunity and that he can't wait to show you all what they'll bring on this debut!

Cam Pierce was born in a place a lot of folks only see in magazines or on post cards, and he'll tell you it's every bit as beautiful and inspiring in real life as on paper. The Pacific Northwest, with it's endless forests, and steep mountain peaks, the sound of wind through old growth, bucks calling out in the early morning before the sun's risen, these experiences are what speak to him.


Deep in the forest you can experience serenity, fear, solitude, and companionship all at the same time. As far back as he can recall he's had a strong connection with nature and music. He says the two are like one, "songs are everywhere in nature. You just have to listen."

"Being lifted from your natural environment and dropped in a foreign surrounding is brilliant. We're forced to find new places to wander both physically and mentally, and it allows us the gift of being lost and finding our way all over again. That's where songs come from."


A deep dedication to songwriting and the cultivation of a core following of true friends and fans has led to a live performance on NBC Channel 4's “Today In Nashville,” and a spot in the line up at Pilgrimage Festival 2019 in Franklin, TN.

With a purely genuine and spontaneous approach to songwriting, his stories reach out and activate the imagination. Transporting the listener to another place, time and frame of mind. These are true songs for true music fans, like a candle in the dark, or a hand to hold in times of struggle.


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