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Cam Pierce was born and bred in the West... way West. Born in a tiny logging town in Oregon and growing up in the deep woods of the Southern part of the state. He says that all his time in the woods watching, listening, and being still is a key force in his spontaneous approach to songwriting. Cam's stories reach out and activate the imagination. Transporting the listener to another time, place and frame of mind. His is a unique take on the various styles of Roots Music. Cam Pierce's music isn't just a "retro throwback sound", it is something stylistically new, yet evidently from the old.

       "I've lived many lives in this half life of mine. Some livin' in the light, and some walking where only the shadows go. I picked up songs and           ideas from every one, every place and every feeling we as humans have ever felt the tinge of is a song in waiting. I'm grateful to God for            the ability to capture a simple moment and fix it into something that may be meaningful to some one else. I have no idea why I do what I           do... songwriting and such. It's just always been there. It makes me happy and it helps me along."

Last year saw the release of "The Horseshoe". A 12 song album tracked live with band in the home of Cam's friend and Luthier located in Leiper's Fork Tennessee. The album is void of fancy production and technological "magic". It is an honest to goodness OLD country record, not forced "retro" hoopla. From start to finish it's like stumbling upon some forgotten recordings from the bygone era of grit and individuality that once permeated the vast landscape of "Country Music".

       "We recorded an old school record the old school way, simple. Just some good ole boys playing country music."

2024 will bring a pile of releases, the first of which is a number entitled "Western Man" which releases 2/2/2024. Also set to are singles from the long anticipated "Muscle Shoals" album. Recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. with Jimbo Hart (Former bassist in The 400 Unit) Co-Producing the sessions.

Right now Cam Pierce is currently touring the USA as a supporting act for Sunny Sweeney. He says that he's very grateful for being introduced to so many amazing fans of Country music through Sunny's audience. "Good people! Salt of the earth!"  Who know's what's to come in the second half of 2024.


If you are a fan of the story. If you're a true listener of the song. Cam Pierce is most definitely an artist you will want to follow. 

       "I'm always the guy standing around the fire, if there is one. That's where songs come from. They come from a fire, wind humming through         tall pines, watching the hawk catch its dinner in the Sonora desert. 5 o' clock traffic. Thinking back on your most vulnerable moments of             life and diving into them, alone with the rain soaking your notebook as you race to get the thought written down." 

                                                                         Thanks for listening to the music and the song!


                                                          -Cam Pierce



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