Cam Pierce has quickly garnered the attention of some of Music City's finest after relocating to the area two years ago from his home in the mountains of Oregon. From Opry musicians (one of which regularly plays in his band), to iconic venue owners, and most importantly, the listeners. He has gratefully found a home among an audience who are hungry for original songwriting that transports them to another place, time, and frame of mind. This is where his dedication and the dedication of his band lies. 


That dedication to songwriting and the cultivation of a core following of true friends and fans has already led to a live performance on NBC Channel 4's “Today In Nashville,” and a coveted spot in the line up of this years Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN. where they also took part in a live recording of his song “When We Were Young” for sixthman.net.


A comment from a fan following a recent performance pretty much sums it up, saying, “it's been a l ong time since I heard songs that make me want to dance and tug on my heart strings at the same time.”


Each song is like discovering an unheard classic for the first time. With a vast array of subjects and styles ranging from 70's Alt Country, and sawdust floor HonkyTonk, to Appalachian Roots, a dash of soul, and all things outside and in between. However, if you need to slap an “Americana” label on it, go right ahead, doesn't bother him.


Cam Pierce was born in a place a lot of folks only see in magazines or on post cards, and he'll tell you it's every bit as beautiful and inspiring in real life as on paper. The Pacific Northwest, with it's endless forests, and steep mountain peaks, the sound of wind through old growth, bucks calling out in the early morning before the sun's risen, these experiences are what speak to him. 



Deep in the forest you can experience serenity, fear, solitude, and companionship all at the same time. As far back as he can recall he's had a strong connection with nature and music. He says the two are like one, "songs are everywhere in nature. You just have to listen." 

After recently moving to Nashville he faces a whole new spectrum of challenge and inspiration.


"Being lifted from your natural environment and dropped in a foreign surrounding is brilliant. We're forced to find new places to wander both physically and mentally, and it allows us the gift of being lost and finding our way all over again." 


At 9 Mr. Pierce started his "walkabout" through the vast musical landscape. Leaving virtually no style un-explored. From Punk, Hardcore, and Pop, Country, Folk, Ska, "whatever it took to get the story told". Even sharpening his teeth in the UK bass and House scene for a few years. 



"A little bit of each type clung to me like burrs. I've never been one to dig into any one sound for to long. Country and folk always calls me home though."  



"Each person hears the world differently, each day has it's own set of challenges and triumphs, I work to reflect them all."


Cam's a self proclaimed sucker for all things old... old movies, television shows, photos, guns, knives, cars, toys, paper, cans, clothes, bottles, and music.



"I grew up second hand, from the clothes on my back to grandma's cigarette smoke in my lungs and I'm thankful for it. It's taught me to do the very best with what I have at any given time."



Cam believes that being old enough to have lived before the internet and technology controlling everything around us is a gift. He remembers taping his favorite radio shows, back when magazines and word of mouth and books were the only way to discover new music and aesthetic trends. 



"I remember when things were rooted in physical existence, made with tape, metal, glass, paper and canvas. That's the way I like to remember the world. When media and art carried an inherent timeless quality. Things were created to stand up for themselves and bare the pressure of the changing world around them."


His greatest hope is that his songs and stories inspire people to appreciate the world for what it is all by itself, the way God made it. And his greatest wish is that even though we'll be listening to his music on phone and computers, we won't let the screens and processors rule us. 


"The human spirit and connection has to be stronger than the never ending thirst for ease of access and the illusion of comfort. Struggle is where the music lives."

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